Lightyear One in-car user interface

Bring tomorrow's innovations on the road

Lightyear is a technology company with a mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. In 2021, the Lightyear One - a particularly efficient solar-powered vehicle for consumers - will be on public roads. Our team is responsible for the design of the revolutionary in-car user interface of the Lightyear One.
Create a user experience for the in-car UI and Lightyear app that reflects the iconic nature of the Lightyear One. We had to challenge and re-think existing paradigms within automotive interface design, and to deliver an inspiring and engaging in-car interface that breathes the Lightyear vision.
Push the boundaries and take the opportunity to redefine what the in-car UI of the future can be. Throughout the project our researchers provided insightfull feedback and collaborated closely with the Lightyear team and Lightyear’s clients.
The design principles and research findings form the foundation for the in-car UI. The designs are currently being implemented.
User centricity and prototyping mindset
Even in complex design challenges always put the end user on the spot
Short iterations
Cutting though complexity by building prototypes that enable fast-pace decision making

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