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We help you identify, design and build digital innovations that suit your business’ needs, and that your users will love.

A happy group of colleagues are enjoying their trip to the ice-skating rink
A group of colleagues are having a cosy meal at ChristmasVincent from finance on his lunch break
Our iOS developer, Mirellys
We believe meaningful impact starts with a good team; we want everyone that works with us to be as ambitious as we are, because we’re constantly learning new things. We’re not just a team; we’re a community of like-minded people, striving to be the best and making office hours more fun.
Seeing as we’re always growing, new roles are being created and introduced. We currently have 43 employees, sourced from all over the world.
Why you’d want to work here

Keep on growing

We strongly believe in learning from your environment (and your mistakes), and sharing our knowledge. We work with the best in order to be the best; we surround ourselves with ambitious people and we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re constantly evolving. We have weekly knowledge sharing sessions in which we share anything relevant to our field and inspire each other to become even better at what they do. We’re always open to new knowledge, ideas and suggestion.

We’ve got your back

Every employee is set-up with an occupational pension sponsored by the company, but you can also make your own contributions to the plan. We treat our coworkers like we treat our family and accomodate them where we can! We love seeing you around the office, but if you need to work from home every once in a while, that’s okay too. New additions to the family are more than welcome and of course, you have your parental leave.

Work hard, play hard

We try to grab every opportunity we can to socialise with each other and celebrate whatever the occasion might be, like Halloween, Christmas, or even just a regular Tuesday at work because team building is important to us.

We love having you here

We care about every individual, and want to make sure you not only know it, but feel it too. Every new arrival and birthday is celebrated. Our amazing barista makes specialty coffees, fresh juices and always keeps seasonal fruit on hand to keep us energized.

Career Opportunities

Your dream job not listed here?

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